“What Happened?” – Ghost Story

By Katie Rumin, Class of 2021

Sylvie was cooking dinner, wondering where her sons were; they were long ago supposed to have come back from a Halloween party.  From time to time she stared out the window at the old, dilapidated graveyard just behind her house. As she looked at those ancient graves looming ominously in the cold, black night, a shiver crawled up her spine.


The door behind her swung open, and in came her two sons.

“We had a great time!” began Ben, the eldest. “We did a whole bunch of dancing–and oh my gosh! It was so scary! Pretty lit, eh, Mom?”

“How about you tell me about it tomorrow,” sighed Sylvie. “I’m tired now. Why don’t you two go and watch a movie together in the living room? I’ll bring you your dinner so that you can eat it while you watch.”

“Okay. What’s for dinner?” asked Will, the younger one of the two.

“Hot dogs,” said Sylvie. The boys whooped with joy, thanked her many times, grabbed their hot dogs, and walked out of the kitchen.

Sylvie breathed a sigh of relief. I’m so tired, she thought. At least these two have something to do.

“Don’t let any strangers in. If someone knocks, just ignore it. Be careful, boys, and goodnight!” With that, she went upstairs, brushed her teeth, and collapsed on her bed.


Later, the boys had finished watching their movie and were sitting on the couch together.

“What time is it?” asked Will.

“Five to midnight.”

“I’m so tired! Can’t we go to bed, Ben?”


But just as they got up, they heard three sharp knocks at the door. The boys gasped in fright.

“Mom told us not to get it!” hissed Will to Ben.

Then a plaintive sobbing sounded, like that of a child, cried, “I’m cold! I’m–sniff–hungry! Let me–sniff, sniff!–in, please!”

“I dare you to go and get the door, you wuss!” hissed Ben.

“No, you should. You–”

“No, you!”

“Oh, fine, I will, you little wuss!” hissed Ben.

“But Mom said not to…” Will trailed off.

Ben strode to the door, and without a single look back, he flung it wide open.

When he saw what was there, Will’s mouth dropped open with horror.


Sylvie sat bolt upright in her bed. Had she just heard a scream?

Yes. The blood-curdling screams continued. Then they stopped abruptly with a CRACK. Sylvie heard a cackling laugh.

She turned a deathly pale and began to shake all over. Her breath almost stopped. She threw on ther bathrobe and ran downstairs, almost doing a somersault down the stairs as she did so.

When she finally burst out into the backyard, she heard squeals of glee coming from above her. She looked up, and at that moment, she almost keeled over in shock and terror.

Neither she nor the boys were ever seen again.


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