A Dream Comes to a Close


Solomon Bennett, Class of 2018

Photos by Amy Inglis

On Monday, November 20, the day after the conclusion of Shakespeare & Company’s Fall Festival, students sat in a circle with their Shakespeare directors, Annie Considine, Luke Haskell, and Beth Robbins, offering their thoughts and memories from the festival in a tradition known as Closure. Closure allowed participating students to share their reflections from the past several days regarding their own show, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the festival as a whole. Departing seniors spoke of their experience after years of participating, and shared their realization of the importance of Shakespeare, building a community, and of telling meaningful stories and communicating important ideas through his work. Incoming freshpersons spoke to their first experiences as part of the Festival and to their excitement for the coming years.

For many, even those who might not consider themselves an “acting type,” Fall Festival is a highlight of their year. For some, it is the highlight of their entire high school career. Closure brought about the end a chapter, but left some ends open so that students might imbue their daily lives, friendships, and schoolwork with the same dedication and passion as they did their roles in acting or on the hardworking tech crew. Until next year’s performance, adieu!

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