Reflections on a Three-Month Exchange

Screenshot-2018-1-11 Instagram post by Kathrin b • Sep 15, 2017 at 5 52am UTC

Kathrin Benoit, Class of 2020

After my memorable three week exchange to the U.S. last year, I was even more excited to get the opportunity to visit BWHS and the country again. To be back in this little school building, seeing old friends and meeting so many new people, has been amazing.

The respectful behavior in this school was the same as I remember last year, and is still impressive. The relationship between students and teachers is notable and unique. The students treat each other like a big family and are warm and inviting. I feel welcoming vibes from all sides of this building.

During my time here, I got the chance to participate in three different seminars. My favorite was History and Culture of China with Mr. Elliston. The combination of historical facts with creative samples of Chinese art and literature was interesting and inspiring.

I was really proud to get the chance to participate in the Fall Festival of Shakespeare and be one of the cast members of BWHS’s production of  A Midsummer Night’s Dream which was vastly enjoyable and a great experience. One of the biggest challenges for me was to understand the story and the special language Shakespeare used in his plays. It was a completely different experience than the plays I had previously participated in back in Germany. The whole idea of the Festival is amazing. To give so many kids the opportunity to create their shows, and to see the results is enthralling. For me it was particularly interesting to see all of the Shakespeare shows performed in their original language.

The most “American thing” I experienced this year was probably Thanksgiving with my host family. The atmosphere was cheery and the food was delicious. To celebrate this wonderful night with my host family, whom I love so much, was incredible.

Experiencing the country and seeing big cities such as New York and Boston again was amazing. One of my most enjoyable trips this year was a trip with my host sister Sophia (class of 2019) to New York City with a gorgeous evening in Brooklyn. Another was an excursion to visit the FDR House.

I will never forget the wonderful experiences I lived, the cities I saw, and the culture I explored together with my host family.

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