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Dan Papscun

The Whole Truth

Luke Lamond, Class of 2019 This year, the debate class introduced last spring as a miniblock has expanded into a third-period class for 9th and 11th grades. The class is primarily taught by Ms. Stier, though math and science teacher Ms. Bilodeau co-teaches the combined Public Speaking portion […]

Mandala Self-Portrait Art Opening

Berkshire Waldorf High School Students at the Stockbridge Library Samantha Stier Twenty-three Berkshire Waldorf High School students participated in the Mandala Self-Portrait project in Genève Brossard’s art class. The Opening Reception was on Friday, December 8, from 5-7 pm, at the Stockbridge Library. The artwork was installed in […]

A Dream Comes to a Close

Solomon Bennett, Class of 2018 Photos by Amy Inglis On Monday, November 20, the day after the conclusion of Shakespeare & Company’s Fall Festival, students sat in a circle with their Shakespeare directors, Annie Considine, Luke Haskell, and Beth Robbins, offering their thoughts and memories from the festival […]

“Pardon my French!”

Dimitri Koufis, Class of 2018 Since the founding of Berkshire Waldorf High School, students have been able to choose between German and Spanish as their foreign languages. This year the school is offering a third language option for students: a French elective taught by Rachel Siegel. Ms. Siegel […]